Calisthenics and gym: is it an optimal weight loss combination?


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Lately, there is much talk about this type of training (although it has been practicing for several years). Before getting into the subject, it is important to know what calisthenics is and then see if it is effective or not to combine it with the gym. It can also serve as a reference to stay with one thing or another.

Calisthenics, what is it?

This sports modality consists of performing different exercises with our own body weight. It is not necessary to use any type of machine or free weights. The exercises demand a great deal of balance and strength, as well as having to use flexibility, etc. These movements can be truly impressive to see, one of the most interesting things about this modality is the “beauty” in the movement.

This type of training, from my point of view, can be very interesting when complementing with the gym. Otherwise, it is also a good alternative method to this, and it can help you achieve certain goals that you have in mind. For example, physical abilities such as strength, endurance, or speed can be improved, as well as being able to maintain an athletic and defined aesthetic.

As these are exercises that can be considered functional, benefits such as correct body posture or fairly balanced muscles will be obtained. In addition to physical benefits, various positive effects on health can also be found (improvement in joints, mood, the possibility of avoiding injuries, etc.)

It is very important to note that this modality requires the use of a good technique in the exercises, so it is necessary to gradually introduce progressions and learn the execution of each exercise to be able to perform them in the best possible way.

Combine calisthenics with the gym

Normally, very specific goals are set in training, so a priori people choose to train with loads or train with their own body weight. I think both methods can be effective if you know how to combine them well.

  • In the case of wanting to obtain large muscles and looking for workouts that generate a large amount of muscle hypertrophy, I would opt for the use of free weights, and even machines (you are the latter to a lesser extent, personally).
  • If your goal is to maintain results and achieve greater muscle definition, calisthenics can be quite an effective method. However, in both objectives, if you know how to mix well and adapt to the personal needs of each one, you can obtain great benefits.
  • For example, you can perform flat bench presses and parallel dips without weight (or weighted to increase progression and add more intensity) to improve your muscles and achieve a much more athletic and balanced appearance.
  • The combinations can be very varied, but always trying to include basic exercises (squats, barbell deadlifts) before the isolated ones (bicep curls, triceps extensions), which will not allow you to progress as well.
  • In short, both modalities can be combined, even the results will be much better if one knows how to eat correctly according to personal objectives. What is also true is that there are very specific objectives, and it is necessary to know if you are interested in being big and strong, or on the contrary, having an athletic and defined body. Both goals are not possible at the same time, remember.
  • The ideal, and what many people do, is to improve strength using free weights while working other physical capacities such as general resistance through body exercises such as push-ups on the floor or pull-ups on the fixed bar. In this way, a good physical balance can be obtained (both visible and not visible).
  • Finally, you also know, and if you still do not know, I remind you that the most important thing is to move and leave a sedentary lifestyle behind. Obtaining good health is the best goal one can have, and the rest will come by itself (aesthetics, performance).

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