Best ways to avoid feeling of hunger during diet


A key part of a healthy lifestyle is to avoid those hungry moments after which we eat large amounts of food. Many times, we only take into account the calories that our food contains and avoid certain foods that we consider unhealthy, but do not take into account the feelings of hunger or satiety that we face during the day.

Tips that can help you keep feeling full longer:

Chew well the food consumed

Avoid overdoing it with food. Try to chew your food properly, otherwise it will become saturated before you eat a lot. Studies have shown that foods that need to be chewed longer, compared to liquid or semi-solid foods, can help you lose weight.

Eating unprocessed food

Consider this: the foods that the body has to process less are absorbed faster. Eat more fresh food and avoid highly processed products.

Keep eating fibers

Fibers are nutrients with many benefits, including digestive tract health, blood sugar control, and low cholesterol. The fibers prolong the feeling of fullness, giving the consistency and volume of our meals, which means that the level of glucose in the blood will increase gradually and not suddenly. Eat whole grains, whole wheat bread, fruits, and vegetables. Try to include foods rich in fiber in all meals.

Don’t skip meals

horas-de-la-comidas ¿Cómo evitamos la sensación de hambre por más tiempo?

Sometimes having breakfast or dinner can seem useless if we are not hungry. Problems arise when we are finally hungry, because we may need a much greater amount of food to satisfy ourselves. Try to eat every 3-4 hours to avoid feeling very hungry.

Choose balanced foods

It may seem simple, but this is a sloppy look. Make sure the foods you eat contain a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. This will help you get saturated more easily and avoid feeling hungry shortly after your meal. For example, you can have a sandwich with whole wheat bread, tuna, green salad and avocado or a barbecue chicken with brown rice and vegetables.

Hydrate properly

Thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger. Even if you are not thirsty, it is very important to drink water. Water helps nutrients reach the entire body to give us energy. If you feel tired or have a headache, it could be due to dehydration.

Sometimes, if we eat while we work, we watch television, we talk on the phone, we forget we eat and we do not get hydrated.

bebe-agua ¿Cómo evitamos la sensación de hambre por más tiempo?


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