Benefits of swimming: another way to do aerobic exercise


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Do any of you swim? Maybe the first exercise you did in your life was swimming? Do you want to start swimming to reduce weight and/or strengthen muscles?

Swimming is one of those sports that most people can do regardless of their age. This is because once submerged in the water, it has a low impact on the different parts of our body, reducing the stress on the bones and joints as much as possible.

This makes swimming an excellent exercise to start a training program in which the main objective is to reduce weight because in this way we will be doing aerobic exercise without damaging our joints. A clear example of the opposite would be in the race (the so fashionable “running”), whose practice has a strong impact on the joints, especially in the ankles and knees, due to our own weight and the force of gravity. I have come across a multitude of people who want to lose weight and the first thing they do is run, without thinking that their overweight may be damaging their joints… before this, stop and think! Is there an alternative if I am overweight so that my joints do not suffer so much? of course, swimming!

Swimming brings us many benefits, contrary to what some people believe: one of the main advantages of swimming is that it can be practiced in many different ways and adapted to the individual needs of each person.

Many people think of swimming imagine doing laps back and forth, up and down for a certain period of time … should this always be the case? No! Nowadays you can already see in almost all the pools the realization of new activities directed by professionals that are very different from the classic learning courses.

Also, in recent years the variety in the type of exercise has been expanded with therapeutic activities, for example, to compensate for deviations in the spine (hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, scoliosis, herniated discs, etc.), or heart, circulatory, osteoarthritis, arthritis, and obesity.

It is important to know that swimming provides us with a series of benefits that other aerobic activities do not provide us and that most of them are unknown, such as:

  1. Provides incredible cardiopulmonary resistance.
  2. Stimulates blood circulation.
  3. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  4. Development of most muscle groups.
  5. Strengthens joint tissues preventing possible injuries.
  6. Improves body posture.
  7. Develop flexibility.
  8. Relieves tensions.
  9. Generate positive moods.
  10. It relaxes the excessive muscular tonicity of the daily task.
  11. Stimulates growth and physical-psychic development.
  12. Improves psychomotor development.
  13. Promotes self-esteem

Now that you know the benefits that swimming brings us … don’t you want to practice it? Also know that swimming is an excellent activity to complement your training in the gym since as I said before when you practice it, the main muscle groups are exercised specifically more than two-thirds of all the muscles of our body. If we are going to combine swimming with training we must carry out correct planning of our training sessions, because we can overtrain the muscles and our progress is diminished by not leaving rest for the muscles to regenerate.

Remember that all sports have health benefits, as long as they are practiced properly. However, swimming has special characteristics that other types of aerobic exercise do not have. I encourage you to try any activity related to swimming and tell me your feelings.

If you have any questions or want more information about the subject, do not hesitate to comment!


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