Aquarunning: How does it help with weight loss?


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I have recently been able to see what an “Aquarunning” class is like, a new trend, which, as the name suggests, is about running in water, in deep areas, in shallow areas, or combining these two. Some of you will think running in the water, are you sure? Yes, running in water works! More than usual running techniques, making running more efficient in terms of lower body movement.

The main essence of this way of exercising in the water comes from a therapeutic context, where the aquatic race was used as rehabilitation of injuries since the impact was less and had less tissue damage to ligaments, muscles, etc.

Later it was seen that the aquatic environment was a good means to carry out a physical activity such as aqua aerobics and similar exercises that you already know.

Although the objective of this exercise was to better teach running techniques, it was found that being able to perform the correct technique in aquarunning and move against resistance, in this case, in water, required a greater force of muscles that are activated in the race but which are not so important during it, they provide greater stability to the body and as a consequence an improvement in the posture of the people who work them.

My time with it has been quite good, it is true that it is very tiring and that depending on the exercises we do it can become strenuous, but the big positive that I see is that we are doing running movements, which we all know is an exercise of the most complete, with the benefits of water resistance, which make swimming another of the most complete sports of all.

Benefits of Aquarunning

  • It does not impact the joints, like running out of water, since the impact is greater and the joints suffer more.
  • It is a running technique learned in a more fun and better way since you do not have to be aware of the gravity and you cannot fall.
  • Better postural control to perform unbalanced movements.

Disadvantages of Aquarunning

  • The technique is a bit complicated and may be difficult to do correctly at first.
  • The teacher must be aware of the technique at all times because if the user does not perform it correctly he will not advance and will not be able to concentrate, he will become frustrated and will leave the class.


Aquarunning is a way of running with little impact on joints, ideal for people with overweight, postpartum, bone problems, etc. We have the benefits of running and the aquatic environment in the same exercise, different exercises can be combined so that the level is harder or less hard and is to the liking of each user. I recommend that it be done collectively with other exercises, it is a different way to exercise in a fun way.

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