All the Foods You Can Eat During Paleo Diet


The paleo diet has become a trend in recent years that is here to stay and has millions of followers across the globe. If you also want to join this revolutionary food trend, discover all the foods you can eat if you follow the paleo diet.

What can you eat on the paleo diet?

This diet, also known as the cave age diet, aims to return us to our origins, and more specifically, to the time when the first men were hunters and gatherers and lived in total connection with nature.

According to the principles of this diet, the diet that human hunter-gatherers ate during the Paleolithic period is healthier than current eating patterns.

Although, to this day, this diet has detractors and defenders, many nutritionists say that it is a good diet to stay strong, slim and energetic. And, the paleo diet is based, above all, on the consumption of fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and shellfish, lean meats and natural energy bars.

Although it is true that we do not know what our ancestors ate, we do know, however, those foods that they did not eat: all those products that have appeared in recent decades.

However, being a follower of the paleo diet does not mean, in any case, that you have to eat like a Paleolithic man, but rather to choose the healthiest options that we have in our environment.

In this sense, all the foods that can be taken in the paleo diet are those that come directly from nature, with special emphasis on vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, nuts and spices.The foods that are allowed to be eaten in a timely manner on the paleo diet are cereals, dairy products, and legumes. And, according to the proponents of this diet, many of the cereals

that we eat today contain gluten, a food trace that is difficult for the human digestive system to digest and that, in addition, generates allergies in many people.

As for legumes, supporters of this diet indicate that they are not a good source of protein, as they are difficult to digest. That is why they recommend a punctual consumption.

Dairy foods are another of the enemies of the defenders of this diet, and are especially rejected by the indigestion caused by lactose and by the increase in insulin they generate.

Likewise, the foods that are considered prohibited in the paleo diet are all those ultra-processed products by the food industry, refined flours and sugars.

People who follow the paleo diet try to avoid the peaks of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia since in this way, they avoid the risk of suffering from diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. By eating natural foods, they also reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and also get better sleep.

And it is that, according to the defenders of the paleo diet, by reducing the intake of highly processed foods, as well as sugars, harmful fats and excess salt, we can achieve a much healthier state.


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