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There is a great lack of knowledge about low impact exercises. For many people that name is related to less effectiveness, but nothing is further from the truth. Their name refers to the fact that they have a gentler effect on the joints, but it has nothing to do with their effectiveness. In fact, low-impact aerobic exercises such as swimming or rowing machines are perfect for losing weight. Learn more about this way to improve your sports performance and that of your workouts.

Why do low-impact exercises to lose weight

Low-impact exercises: stress the joints while minimizing the risk of injury

If you have joint problems, recovering from an injury, or fear that a continued impact over the years will end up deteriorating the joints, consider changing routines and doing low-impact exercises to lose weight in a less harmful way. In the practice of these exercises the risk of joint and muscle injuries is much lower than in the usual exercises.
Low-impact exercises help you take care of your pelvic floor

This is an aspect that is not always taken into account but some women with a deteriorated pelvic floor should not force this with high impact exercise. However, this does not have to translate into stopping sports or physical exercise. Not much less. You simply have to put aside some practices and replace them with others that in the long run will be healthier for your body. In this case, low-impact exercises should take precedence in training sessions.
Perfect for beginners and effective for experienced athletes.

Whether it is because you are recovering from an injury, because you have been a mother or have led a sedentary life and want to change, low-impact exercises are perfect to get into the rhythm of regular exercise without your body suffering. And, interestingly, they are tremendously effective for experienced athletes who can do it at high intensity and during long training sessions without causing their body to suffer unnecessarily.

Low-impact exercises are effective for losing weight

Low-impact exercises for weight loss are very effective. In fact, some of them allow you to burn many more calories than others of greater impact with the same pace and time of training. And all taking care of and protecting your body, minimizing the risk of injury.

They are suitable during pregnancy and postpartum

Although it is always advisable to consult a doctor about each specific case, low-impact exercises are great for the pregnant woman to exercise without prejudice to herself or the baby. And they are great for the postpartum stage.

Low-impact exercises are suitable for any age

Whether you’re in your twenties or retired, low-impact exercises are right for you. You will only have to adapt the intensity, frequency and duration of each training to your needs and your possibilities.

The best low-impact exercises for weight loss

Rowing machine and rowing machine in the water, low impact exercises

Did you know that rowing machines are one of the best devices to lose weight? And they are low impact exercises. But not only in machines of this type for use in the gym or at home. Rowing in the water in activities such as canoeing, kayaking or drifting races allows you to burn an average of 800Kcal in a session of one hour.

In addition, you can tone different muscle groups and improve your lung capacity. All advantages!

Swimming and aquagym, low impact exercises

Swimming is one of the most complete exercises that exist and is called low impact exercises. It will help you lose weight by burning calories and define a beautiful and balanced body, toning legs and arms alike, helping you reduce belly and improving the overall appearance of your body. A normal 30-minute swimming session burns an average of 250 Kilo calories. By increasing the intensity and / or time of each session, you can burn more calories.

A good idea is to combine this exercise with the practice of aquagym, which allows you to do a great variety of movements without straining the muscles and working different areas of the body.

Walking, an interesting low-impact exercise

Who said that walking is for grandmothers? Forget about that and start taking advantage of this low-impact exercise that you can combine in your daily life with your training at home or in the gym. You will move your whole body and if you walk fast even in areas without ascents and descents of steps (or sidewalks) it is an effective way to get in shape.

You can also practice it in the gym with a running machine. Change how fast you walk and combine flat areas with ascents and descents to work more leg muscles while burning calories.

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