8 Steps to lose weight without risk!


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Losing weight, losing weight can be very healthy if the diet or diets that are followed are done properly. But a weight loss diet that aims to lose many kilos in a short time can be more dangerous than being overweight. We are going to give you some healthy ideas for losing weight and others to help you maintain your “ideal weight.”

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Choose the diet that best suits your caloric needs.

Design your Plan seriously and realistically and try to adjust as much as possible to your chosen diet. Take it very seriously. There are things that help:


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  1. Keep an Agenda in which you write down all kinds of incidents, especially: Weight, (weighing yourself as soon as you get up), points in which you have skipped your diet, headaches, stomach or discomfort in general. It is very important not to become obsessed.
  2. Make your commitment to lose weight public. Many people wear it in secret and this increases the difficulty (family meals, invitations to go out to restaurants). Talk about “your challenge” – at least among family and friends with whom you interact the most – it will help you a lot and you will find understanding and help if you raise it properly. Avoid “fat burning” effortless regimens, realize that it will cost you effort.
  3. Take the opportunity to do healthy and “slimming” activities: walking, emphasizing very healthy foods, read about nutrition or advice on “knowing how to live”, massages, showers, baths.
  4. Become aware of the benefits of losing weight, such as reducing cholesterol, heart problems, reducing the risks of certain types of cancer associated with obesity, they will strengthen your will .
  5. Imagine yourself lighter or lighter, try to visualize its advantages a few minutes at night immediately before going to sleep (it really works): clothes that you can put on again, walk and move faster, general well-being.
  6. Drink plenty of water or fluids and infusions in general. The good diets never limit the liquid. Look at least a goal of 3 liters per day.
  7. Try to go to the bathroom every day regularly. Elimination is important and will contribute to the success of your Plan.
  8. Get eight hours of sleep. Sleeping little makes you fat. Insufficient sleep causes the generation of the hormone that stimulates the appetite and inhibits the one that gives the brain signals of satiety, as researchers at the University of Chicago have recently pointed out.

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