6 simple tricks to not leave the gym after the first month


It happens frequently and it is a shame because throwing in the towel means giving up all the benefits of playing sports. If you start training with all your energy and you don’t want to be demotivated ahead of time, but these tricks into practice so you don’t leave the gym after the first month. Do they work!

It is always a good time to start in the gym or start doing some exercise and around the summer there are many people who dare to do it with the idea of improving physical shape, building muscles, or losing the odd kilo. It is normal to start sessions with plenty of energy, but it is also common for fatigue and lack of motivation to appear within a few weeks.

Not getting the expected results, stiffness and sore muscles, boredom we must bear in mind that the gym routine requires time and that only with perseverance and with a little patience will we begin to see the benefits of exercise. If you have decided to leave sedentary life behind, take note of what you can do to not give up and not leave the gym a month after you go.

Tips to continue in the gym after the first weeks

Your good resolutions from a few days ago no longer seem so important? Are “justified” reasons beginning to emerge to skip your training session? You are at that moment when your initial motivation falters. So that laziness does not win the battle and you can achieve your goals, these tricks will help you not to leave the gym a month after starting.

1. Choose your gym well

The fact of choosing the gym is more important than it seems. If the gym does not catch you by hand and it means uncomfortable movements, its opening hours do not fit with yours, or its offer of sports activities is very limited (scarce training machines, few group classes of spinning, aerobics, or stepping) you will get tired in a short time. Make it easy!

2. Establish a custom routine

You need to mark your exercise program taking into account the physical form from which you start, your training level, and your goals. Having the advice of a coach is essential to establish a correct weekly training plan that gets you to work with the right level of effort. If you push yourself too hard in the first days or, on the contrary, your exercises bore you because they are so simple, you will end up leaving the gym after the first month.

3. Take care of the equipment

Being comfortable while you work out will also help you see your gym sessions as enjoyable and positive. But what is the best outfit for the gym? Good shoes, appropriate clothing, breathable and not too tight or baggy, will make you feel good exercising and that you are not looking forward to the class ending sooner.

4. Realistic and short-term goals

Establish a specific time in which you commit to attending your training sessions. It is not a bad idea to pay your gym fees in advance, for example, for three months (having paid is a good reason to continue attending). Set yourself a goal that is really possible to achieve in that time frame and go for it! Remember that if you set the bar too high, your workouts will not live up to your expectations.

You must start training little by little, intensifying the effort progressively. Set achievable goals and you will enjoy every little success. Those partial accomplishments are an excellent motivation to continue going to the gym after the first month.

5. Healthy diet and optimal hydration

A good, healthy, and varied diet is the best. When you start going to the gym, bet on menus rich in nutrients and low in saturated fat that will make you feel lighter and full of energy to train. In addition to following a good diet to start at the gym, now that you exercise more, it is essential that you ingest enough fluids, mainly water, which hydrate you perfectly and help you eliminate fats and toxins.

6. Have a good time

Simple but fundamental. In order not to leave the gym after the first month, your balance after this first period must be positive. If you have fun while you train, because you do different or new exercises for you, because you like to listen to music while doing sports or because you go with a friend and have a great time, you will overcome, without problems, the temptation to leave the gym early.


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