6 common mistakes to avoid on your first day at the gym


In the world of fitness, making the most of your workouts is essential to achieving your goals. And it is that, beyond the loss of time that bad sports practices can entail, they can translate into both physical and mental problems; the latter derived from the failure to achieve results after the work carried out.

When it comes to starting in the gym, you have to be clear about what your goal is, and what is the correct means by which you are going to achieve it. Avoid a series of practices that slow your progress within your training program, and manage to become an efficient athlete who achieves his goals.

What are the most repeated mistakes in training?

Regardless of whether you do individual or collective training, there are a series of practices that are unconsciously done wrong and, therefore, will harm your results. Learn what are the most repeated mistakes in training and try to avoid them at all costs.

Always use machines

This error is typical especially in newbies. Not everything happens by training with machines nor is it the most beneficial for your body. This practice should be combined with other types of cardio work such as running.

On the other hand, work that does not involve the use of machines can be enough to build a perfect body. Resistance exercises help you increase muscle mass without the need for a supplement such as machines.

Letting go of small muscles

The serratus, shoulders, forearms are muscles that tend to go unnoticed in fitness training. And this is a mistake since not training ends up leading to posture problems since they are stabilizing muscles.

Skip stretching

Finishing training and going straight to the shower is one of the easiest ways to help your body increase its chances of injury in the long run. And is that not spending time to stretch after training leads to load the body, causing problems such as contractures, or breaks, among others.

Not resting your muscles

This error is not only related to the lack of rest days in your workouts, but to the breaks themselves while running the activity.

When you decide to carry out a training routine made up of different exercises, make pauses between them and also between the repetitions of each activity. Whether or not hypertrophy is your goal, the fact of not letting your muscles breathe and pump will curb your desire to achieve physical improvements in your body.

Training on an empty stomach

To be able to work to the maximum you must be provided with energy, and this happens by eating correctly before each workout. Training on an empty stomach as a beginner is going to be a handicap, since your body will not have enough energy and, in addition, the extra that a physical activity supposes is added. Therefore, fatigue and injuries are more likely to appear more easily.

Work incorrectly

It is one of the topics for beginners. Either due to ignorance or the fact of being able to lift more weight, doing the exercise incorrectly will negatively affect your results.

Consult with the gym instructor or always read the description of the activities before you start doing it. In this way, you will be able to avoid setbacks and achieve the best results.

Now you know a series of mistakes that you should avoid on your first day at the gym. Put them into practice and enjoy all the benefits that sports training brings you.


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