5 ways to increase the intensity of your workouts


Intensity is defined as the degree of effort or energy with which an action is performed during a certain time. This is very important when it comes to doing quality weekly training. If the exercise performed is excessively light, the muscle will not receive the intensity it needs to achieve the expected results. It must be taken into account that each body can resist a different rhythm, for that reason, the training must be progressive and adapted to the characteristics and needs of the person who is training.

The key is to find an intensity that can be balanced with the amount of weight that can be lifted since what usually happens is that increasing the intensity reduces the number of repetitions.

To achieve an increase in the intensity of the workouts, without modifying or reducing the routine, there are a series of complementary exercises. By increasing it, it is possible to bring the body to a state of maximum performance, improving metabolism and obtaining visible results much faster. This level is made for athletes who have been doing hard workouts for a long time. The reason is that each one must know very well her limits to know where her inflection point is.

Activities for a more intense workout

There are a number of activities or tricks that can be performed during workouts to increase the intensity and bring the body to peak performance. Below we will analyze the most effective and simple to do:

1. Putting the Tabata routine into practice

Tabata is an advanced training of structured interval training routines. It is designed to push the body to the limit in less than 5 minutes. In it, high-intensity exercises are performed and then rested for 20 seconds, thus consecutively until the end of the training table that groups between 8 and 10 repetitions.

It is a very popular workout routine that is done regularly in gyms to help motivate users and improve their metabolism. In addition, you can lose weight by doing Tabata with the supervision of a professional monitor.

2. Increase the rhythms

If as a rule the training of a group of series is programmed to be carried out between 20 or 30 minutes at a constant pace, now rounds are made in which a group is trained at high intensity for a short period and rests for a minute, then it is followed consecutively with the other series.

3. Perform sprints

When you are doing a running session and you want to improve your results, it is best to increase the intensity by doing small sprints throughout the day. That is, running at full speed and with all the power of the muscles for 30 seconds, resting 1 minute and doing it again, until the training time has been completed.

4. Add jumping exercises

Jumping rope is a high-impact exercise and requires the unison and optimal use of all the muscles of the body. Its continuous and fast practice will take the organism to the extreme, which is what it is looking for on this occasion. Maintaining this state, for at least one minute, will favor an increase in training intensity and calorie burning, which will double.

5. Activate on breaks

The users, when they are doing the different series in the machine room, take breaks of one or two minutes between one change and another. If you want to increase the intensity, it is advisable to introduce some cardiovascular exercise in between breaks, such as getting on a stationary bike or treadmill. In this way, the body will not lower the heart rate at any time.


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